Exhibit: Visions on the Spectrum 2011

Exhibit: Visions on the Spectrum 2011

“Visions on the Spectrum” opened to the public with a gallery filled with people and to well deserved applause on Saturday, October 1st. We had 31 entries for the show that included four wonderful pieces coming in from CIP Long Beach!

Over 150 people from the surrounding communities came out to meet and greet the student artists who are privileged and pleased to be showing their work right alongside the well-known and highly respected autistic savant artist: Esther Brokaw. Esther’s work graces the main gallery walls for this show.

The students were all smiles as they circulated through the gallery – meeting and greeting our guests, talking about their work, and most of all – enjoy socializing with all their friends who came out to support them. As with the art classes that Michael McManmon and I lead each week, the students came early and stayed late. Ellen and Sabrina were the last two to leave and helped with the clean up of the gallery.

The Starving Artist Café provided great food and no one wanted the night to end! An added treat for the students was the arrival Buffalo Center Director, Mary Lawler and two friends (they just happened to be vacationing in the Berkshires). Everyone was so pleased that Mary and her friends took time out of their busy weekend to come out and acknowledge the student’s artistic efforts.

This photo is a shot of what the gallery show looks like from the front of our amazing gallery space. You can see the photography of Charlie Jacobs in the front and the work of Esther Brokaw on the walls.

Below is the Plasma screen that announces the show from the front window – we have a continuously changing screen (about every 45 seconds) that shows passersby what we are up to from week to week! This is a great snap shot of the work that came in from Long Beach and the Berkshires!

Lastly, our students participated in the Lee Founder’s Day Parade and stopped by the gallery to show off their costumes – pictured are Lucy, Sabrina, Paige, and Ryan with Michael McManmon! They are posing in front of the charcoal drawings created by Ryan O’Connell.

Please check the SEDF website often – we are about to embark on our yearly conference series with “I’m Ready for College but Can’t Find My Backpack” – presented by Dr. Michael McManmon in Berkeley on Oct 21st and a return performance by Dr. George McCloskey on November 11th in Brevard with a great presentation on Executive Function.

And … if you haven’t purchased an SEDF Brick – please think about doing so – it is ALL as you can see by the above photos…for Good Purpose – check out our website for an order form. We have sold 88 bricks to date!

By Francine Britton – Good Purpose Gallery Director

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