Mosca, Marcelene I.

Mosca, Marcelene I.

Marcelene I. Mosca has been a full-time painter since 2006 when she retired as an English teacher with a specialty in Poetry and the Arts at the High School of Art and Design in New York City.   After taking every course offered at The Art Students League of New York in anatomy, portraiture, and sculpture she found her voice and passion in abstract art and studied with instructors who were especially influenced by artist, Hans Hoffman. She has exhibited extensively at the Art Students League of New York and in the Berkshires with The Guild of Berkshire Artists.  She has her studio and gallery in Lenox, Ma where she and her husband share their time with their New York City residence.

My practice in poetry and painting through more than thirty years has been engaged in probing trails left in the human condition in the hope of arriving at a mutual comfort.

The joys of unexpected beauty, the image of a face collapsed in sorrow, birdsong, the last of a summer breeze that drifts a curled leaf across a summer porch can record a shared history.  To this end lines of poetry often inhabit my paintings and my process involves layers of oil and at times cold wax and venetian plaster to attain the depth and arrangement of my endeavor.

A member of The Art Students League of New York

Exhibited in gallery shows at The Art Students League of New York

A member of The Guild of Berkshire Artists

Exhibited in various gallery shows in the Berkshires

Taught poetry classes at The School of Art and Design, NYC

I have my own gallery/studio “The Little Gallery/Studio” in Lenox, Ma

Exhibited in Good Purpose Gallery September 12, 2018 – November 13, 2018.


Abstract, Painting

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