Kerner, Wil

Kerner, Wil

Before Wil discovered his art, he spent most of his time watching videos, swinging, and jumping on the trampoline. His unusual interest in colored paper sparked his desire to make cutouts. His cutouts have changed his world. Not only does his family understand him better, but with each piece, Wil is able to share a story and his unique world view. Wil has an exceptional memory, extra-sensory perception, and the uncanny ability to size up people and places. Wil is classified as an autistic savant. His desire to create art is unrelenting – every day he cuts colored paper over and over.

“Wil likes to speak in colors. Colors are his verbal interjections providing exclamation about the emotion and meaning of his thinking. He can talk a blue, red, green, orange, purple streak, especially when defining video characters. Since scissors became Wil’s constant companion and cutting colored paper his main self-therapy, his reality has blossomed.”

Wil’s art is cut from regular construction paper, sulfite construction paper, colored card stock and colored office print stock. Oddly, Wil does not position his fingers and thumb in the holes of his scissors but instead wraps his hand entirely around them mysteriously making them cut.



Mixed Media, Papercraft

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