Avraham, Neri

Avraham, Neri

Neri expressed his emotions through his art at a young age. He began to paint with watercolors at age five. The family struggled with the lack of acceptance towards him and were concerned that he wasn’t being seen beyond his autism. When he was eleven, the family immigrated to the United States from Israel in search of a better life for Neri. The numerous trips Neri took in his childhood influenced him and his art. Neri takes pride in his work and wants to expand the mediums he uses. He attends the Massachusetts College of Art. His aspiration is to be “the best artist I can be.”

“I usually begin a new painting with random brush strokes of colors, then respond to the rhythm of the music and the direction the painting leads me; exploring a variety of methods of applying acrylic color on raw canvas and looking for new combinations I’ve never done before. My interest is to play with the colors and see what would happen if … At other times it appears that the painting already knows what it wants and I listen, watch…

Painting allows me to become more comfortable with uncertainty and unpredictability. Painting spontaneously has been beneficial; it encourages my mind to be quiet and it helps me to have no concern for the approval of others.”


Acrylic, Painting

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