Altman, Trent

Altman, Trent

Trent, an award-winning artist who exhibits nationally in fine art shows and galleries, paints expressionistic abstract pieces in acrylics and mixed media collages on canvas. His work displays an emphasis and commitment to the PROCESS of art over and above the PRODUCT. Creating art has provided Trent connections to peers and friendships, as well as enables Trent to live life with increased independence. Trent is a wonderful example of how someone who has autism has met the challenges to live a full life – both employed at a retail store, and as an artist. Trent lives with a friend who is also his assistant to support independent living. Trent is one of four artists in “Shifting Perceptions” book who have been honored with a 2012 United Nations Autism Awareness stamp.

“For me, the process of creating rises above all else as I make art to nurture my mind, heart and soul. I reach within myself and share with you my creations.”

Altman is a member of the Kentucky Arts Council where he received the Derby Award in the First Lady’s Office Exhibition, 2010 and two award grants in 2012 and 2009. In 2009, Altman was awarded honorable mention at Crocker Park Juried Art Show, in Cleveland. He was part of a cooperative art gallery, Gallery 10 Seventy, at Mellwood Arts and Entertainment Center, Louisville, KY, in 2008-2009. Altman currently exhibits and sells his artwork on his website:


Abstract, Painting

abstract, art, expressionism, mixed media, neurodiverse, painting