Poem and exhibit by Neri Avraham

Poem and exhibit by Neri Avraham

Neri was featured at exhibit “Shifting Perceptions” in April-May 2013 at the Good Purpose Gallery and sold a painting.

In Hebrew there is only one term to describe the physical house and the home – family home. 
On that theme Neri created paintings and has his exhibit at the Hebrew Senior Life Center in Massachusetts.
The photo below depicts a previous show called “My Journey” consisted of various landscapes.

by Neri Avraham
A house is where people live
 A home is a safe place to be
A house one day you might leave
 A home you build to keep
A house is a place with a door
 A home is a shelter for your soul
A house can be big or small
 A home you make it to fit to all
A house has a garden outside
 A home has a garden you know inside-out
A house you buy or you sell
 A home you take with you everywhere

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