Exhibit: The Way I See It

Exhibit: The Way I See It

Exhibit: “The way I see it”

February 15 – April 1, 2013

Yom Tov and Elinor Bracha Blumenthal

With vivid color and brilliant skill, Yom Tov Blumenthal penetrates imagination. His large acrylic paintings are both illustrative and surreal.

Yom Tov giraffe

Yom Tov is on the “autism spectrum” and lives, paints, and owns an art gallery in Israel. He is also the author and illustrator of the delightful book ‘Blumentoons.’ He says, “Yom Tov is Hebrew for “good day.” So after 35 years of a somewhat out of control psychological nightmare, I find out my name is “Good Day”. How ironic… I have a great deal of healing to do, but I finally feel that I am on a solid path to becoming the person I have always dreamed of becoming through my art and painting in my own gallery in ZFAT, ISRAEL. Through my work, I hope I can help others who have a different and unique way of seeing the world as I do.”


Yom Tov’s wife Elinor began her art carrer  at age 10 when she recovered from childhood cancer! She almost lost her right art (her drawing arm)! She began to use her left arm to paint ever since.  Her work is serene and filled with faith.  Both artists lives are centered in their faith.

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