Exhibit: The Collector’s Study

Exhibit: The Collector’s Study

May 4 – June 11, 2012

For over fifty years, the Collector has acquired a collection of paintings, sculpture, oriental rugs, as well as etchings and other works on paper. Acquisitions were made primarily in San Francisco, New York, Washington, D.C. and Germany. There are approximately 300 pieces in the entire collection.

The items in this selected display were purchased during the thirty years the Collector lived in Washington, D.C. where he frequented auctions at Weschler’s Art Gallery & Auction House.

Pieces were chosen based on their appeal and beauty in the “eye of the beholder”. Most adorned the walls of the Collector’s Study in Washington, D.C. and later in N.Y.S. All are beloved. With relocation to the Berkshires, the time has come for deaccession. These pieces are offered through the Good Purpose Gallery to benefit the College Internship Program and for the appreciation and enjoyment of the art loving public.

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