Art in the Alley: 2012 September 15

Art in the Alley: 2012 September 15

Downtown Lee outdoor art exhibit Saturday September 15, 10 – 6

(alley between Main Street and Franklin St at the Spectrum Playhouse)

~ meet the artists and see this amazing array of art ~

RJ Rosegarten– 3d art – Bob Rosegarten uses found and collected objects to create his mixed media compositions very cool, inventive and with a great sense of humor.

Africa Connect– Very beautiful hand crafted from Africa: jewelry , wood carvings, trinkets, cloth… great prices and for a very worthy cause! A mission dedicated to reaching the vulnerable children of this world.

Dmitri Fruend – mystical, dreamy… blend of representation and abstract impressions.


Don Carlson – Whimsical carved wood sculpture.



Cris Ray – photography
Barbara Bourassa – water color
Rose Tannenbaum – acrylic paintings
Sharyl Noroian – pastels/paintings
Ryan O”Connell – live sketching
CIP art – assorted
Selected art from Gallery YAI

and who ever else shows usp at the last minute!

Come walk down the alley and see this beautiful exhibit –

from Dianne Steele
Good Purpose Gallery coordinator

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