Gifts in the Gallery

Still trying to find that perfect gift? Join us before or after the Community Christmas Tree Lighting at Church Park in Lee, and get your loved ones some great local & handmade gifts. If you can&#
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Adventures in Color

The Good Purpose Gallery is excited to exhibit the bright and colorful works of artist Jimmy Reagan. The exhibit will open on Friday, November 21 and will run through January 5, 2015. The opening rece
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“Let the beauty we love be what we do. There are hundreds of ways to kneel and kiss the earth” are lines from a Rumi poem, a perspective on art and life, that for me has been long in the making.
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Berkshire Pottery Tour

The Gallery is happy to host the special guests presenting their work - Berkshire Pottery Tour artists. The Tour begins and ends at the Good Purpose Gallery, where the six potters exhibit work until S
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Through the Eyes of Artists on the Autism Spectrum

This exhibit offers unique perspectives through the lens of those experiencing the world in a different way. Come to celebrate the artistry and self-expression of individuals diagnosed with Autism Spe
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Taking a Look at the Amazing Art of Charles Steinhacker and Linda Clayton

Two artists' work represent very different sides of the artistic spectrum, but both are equally valid as artistic expression, and it's nice to see that artistic people can find love with one another.
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Artistic harmony: Steinhacker and Clayton work as a duet in color

Charles Steinhacker is an internationally known photographer whose color images of the landscape, wildlife, architecture and abstraction have been featured in National Geographic, Life and many other
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A Look at CIP’s Art Class

College Internship Program Art Class - Students make creative collages and talk about the process and experiences.
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