Firtell, Diane

Firtell, Diane

Artist statement

I am not a photographer….but an artist who uses a camera. Almost all my work, over the years, has originated from the photograph.

Making art; a mystery to some, a mandate to others.  And while I clearly fall into the latter category, the why still often times remains a mystery.

I am easily bored; not terrifically skilled technologically but enjoy being ever engaged in the “what is there for me to do that is different” experience…not necessarily to be different from other artists, but mostly to have a new creative experience for myself.

My work over the past few years has become more heavily and sometimes tediously process oriented.  But there is something that I enjoy about each of the very different phases, beginning with mining though my vast photographic, library for material, to revealing the unpredictable image transfer.

While I will continue to paint and do what I currently enjoy doing, it is exciting to know that a year from now something I currently have no conscious awareness of will become part of a fresh and new body of work.




art, local, nature, photography