Burgess, Ariel K.

Burgess, Ariel K.

Weaving her environmental conservation and science background into her art, Ariel K. Burgess creates unique environmental artworks that deal with climate change, biodiversity loss, and environmental destruction. Her most recent project, “We are all in this together: 50 paintings and 50 stories of hope and loss in a changing climate”, showcases 50 species affected by contemporary climate change through paint and narrative.

I am an environmental artist. I am dedicated to creating a more sustainable and resilient future, in which humans give and care for the earth as much as, or more than, we take and flourish from it.

I am an artist because I was born one. I am an environmental activist because climate change and environmental destruction are the most far-reaching, crucial, contemporary challenges we face today.

Much of my art focuses on the relationship between humans and the natural environment, climate change, environmental destruction, and science. I am inspired by the power, beauty, dynamism and fragility of the natural world; powerful and passionate artists and art of all kinds; the strong and determined individuals and organizations actively building a better future for us all.

Exhibited in Good Purpose Gallery April 7, 2015 – May 18, 2015.


Acrylic, Painting

acrylic, art, conservation, nature, painting