Best Public Gallery

In a freshly published "The Best" guide from Berkshire Record, The Good Purpose Gallery scored the Best Public Gallery award in the Arts & Culture category. "The Good Purpose Gallery is aptly named. Not only they are a vivid source of artistic vitality on Main Street in...

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With Good Purpose

2013 marks the second anniversary of the founding of the Good Purpose Gallery and the settling into its home in Lee.  “You were made for good purpose and are inherently valuable,” reads the quote from founder Michael McManmon stenciled and appropriately placed on the wall space above...

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Shifting Perceptions II – The Art of Autism

[column col="1/2"] [/column] [column col="1/2"]April 5  through May 27, 2013 Opening reception April 12 @ 5 pm   Trent Altman Neri Avraham Dani Bowman Esther Brokaw Justin Canha Seth Chwast Kimberly Gerry-Tucker Grace Goad Dylan Guest Kevin Hosseini Colm Isherwood Wil Kerner (Cut-out Kid) Jimmy Reagan Michael McManmon    see artist showcase [/column] [column col="4/4"]   This Art of Autism Exhibit features artists from the United States and one from...

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